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PRESS RELEASE | 30th July 2020


A new LGBTQ+ radio station is marking its official launch this weekend with a special live show. Queerly’s Bottomless Brunch with Rob & The GDC will be on air from 10am on Sunday 2nd August to introduce and celebrate the station’s new line up.

Queerly Radio was started as a side project during lockdown and is now expanding to include daily music shows and a range of specialist programming for an LGBTQ+ audience.

Speaking about the idea behind Queerly, station founder Rob Gillett said: 

“I had this sense that a lot of mainstream radio is quite alienating for queer people and during lockdown decided to explore the idea of a much more inclusive station. Queerly still plays a lot of the hits you’ll hear on other stations but we are actively seeking out queer artists to add to the playlist and beyond that the platform is open to bringing a much more diverse range of voices on air. There’s a lot more work to do but that’s the goal!”

The line-up of daily music shows includes Queerly’s breakfast show Snap, Crackle & Bop, queer anthems and floor fillers as part of Queerly’s Kitchen Disco and the greatest female voices of all time playing proudly in Queerly DIVAS.

Queerly’s Bottomless Brunch with Rob & The GDC, the show which started it all during lockdown, will continue in its 10am slot on Sunday mornings and has been extended to three hours.

Queerly is also home to specialist programming including The Eurovision Show with Simon Harding (Saturdays, 5pm) and a weekly set from the chart-topping DJ and producer Robin Schulz (Saturdays, 10pm). Several other shows are currently in development as part of Queerly’s commitment to getting more diverse voices on the radio.

You can listen live at queerlyradio.com, by enabling the Queerly Radio skill on Alexa devices or in the RadioFM app on iOS and Android.

Queerly’s full schedule is available on the website at queerlyradio.com. The station also shares the latest queer news, discussions, station updates and live show alerts on Facebook and Twitter – both are @queerlyradio.